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Did you know your tournament winnings can make your taxes more complicated?

Don’t worry—we can help. Brian Manthe is a bass fisherman himself, along with being a CPA. He has experience helping professional bass fisherman with their taxes.

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Hobby Loss Rules

As a professional angler, the hobbly loss rules will definitely affect you. Basically because the IRS considers your business to be a “hobby,” your deductions can get tricky. Talk to Brian. He can explain how the hobby loss rules apply to you and what options you have.

Brian is always advising professional anglers to track expenses throughout the year. Brian and his company can offer you organizational methods of tracking deductible expenses, tax planning services, bookkeeping, and business consulting services.

CPA Brian Manthe Bass Fishing

Legacy CPA in Medford is a proud sponsor of a local Bass fishing Pro Colby Pearson, and his Co-Angler Thad Vinson.

Payouts, Income from Tournament Winnings & Sponsorships

Fishing money can be sporadic for the fisherman. As many fishermen knows first hand, this profession can be feast or faminie from year to year. It can be easy when things aren’t going so well to get lazy with tracking expenses but when that monster 5 bag limit comes across the scales and you walk away with a big check, it’s not the time to start scrambling to find expenses to shrink your tax bill. Legacy can help make this tracking easier throughout the year so when that big payday hits, it’s smooth sailing!

The Importance of a Non-Endemic Sponsorship

Being a good fisherman is not easy—it takes a lot of time and effort on the water, a lot of cold mornings where you can barely feel your hands and toes. But that effort and dedication is what separates you from being an average weekend angler.

When you are a good fisherman, it’s easy for people in your industry to take notice and offer to pay you for their sponsorship. That can be great but the really successful fisherman knows how to tap into the non-endemic type of sponsorship. They show different industries  through their charismatic personalities and willingness to put themselves out their for their sponsors, that investing in them is an ideal situation for all. If you don’t know how to align yourself up for success with a variety of sponsorships, give us a call to discuss it.

What is a non-endemic sponsorship? For professional anglers, that means sponsorship from a company whose products or services are not related to fishing.

Why is it important? You can greatly expand your pool of potential sponsorships by looking beyond fishing related industries.


From One Angler to Another – Why Contact Brian?

You and your CPA will be speaking the same language. Brian understands fishing and taxes for professional anglers, and when it comes to communicating to you what he does, he’ll explain things in an easy to follow way. You’ll understand your taxes and accounting for your business but won’t have to do it yourself. Brian and his team can take care of it for you!

CPA Brian Manthe Bass Fishing
Bass Fishing
CPA Brian Manthe Bass Fishing

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Brian came highly recommended, and he surpassed our expectations as an experienced professional. In addition to being a brilliant CPA, he is a kind man who genuinely cares about his clients.

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I have been taking my taxes to Brian for a few years now, and they’re great! We have a pretty unique set up with our home and rental property, and they’ve always let us come in after hours because of our work schedule.

Britt’nee Anderson